Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Kat is back - more workshops for 10th November

We have enough people interested to justify bringing Katrina Branson back to do three more workshops on Saturday 10th November.  The venue will be at the Turner Bowling Club in McCaughey St in Turner (TBC). 
The first workshop will start at 1:30pm and review and build on the unique levels idea that Katrina introduced in last week’s workshops. 
(I noticed on Tuesday how much this concept has added to people’s ability to change up ordinary moves into something different and exciting without overly stressing the brain of the Leader!  Thanks Kat!  Many of us needed those techniques and our teachers will be reinforcing this technique at class in upcoming Intermediate lessons.)
The second and third workshops will focus on Whips.  WS2 will be Whip Theory – how to add stretch and spring to your whips.
WS3 is a BYO Whip session (where B stands for ‘Build’).  This is exciting stuff that will really enhance your dance.
Cost is $39 for 1 workshop, $75 for two workshops and $109 for all three.  Please book through Eventbrite to make things easier administratively.  Bookings open 31 October 2012 at 8pm.  We will absorb the Eventbrite fees for this set of workshops.  http://katisback.eventbrite.com.au
Bookings close Wednesday 8th November at midnight.  See the contact details below for late bookings.  You can pay at the door but this attracts a $5 admin fee.
We will look for a venue we can “invade” for a dance.  Hopefully we will find good live band.  Your suggestions are most welcome!  If we cannot find a suitable band, we may arrange a BBQ and private dance.  You are welcome to join us for a PAYG dinner also at a place to be announced.
Contact mark@audacitydance.com.au or further information or leave a message at (02) 61616159