Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Happy New Dance Year 2015!!

It is less than a week away till the start of a new year for Audacity and West Coast Swing in Canberra. Classes start 27th January.  Invite your friends!

Beginner Curriculum renewed

Let’s start with the Beginner Curriculum.  The first two weeks concentrate on getting moving so our new students don’t feel intimidated.  The curriculum has been sharpened to introduce whips in week 2 (cause I want the girls to be capable of dancing in socials quicker with the intermediate guys).  Overall, the curriculum has been changed and will still keep our Intermediates on their toes. 

Gents - please help out in term 1!

Term 1 has about 7 new ladies registered – and 3 gents.  So we need experienced leads at class for the first four or so weeks from 7:30.  Your assistance ensures we have a good social atmosphere in class and the obvious issue of ensuring ladies get a value for money dance lesson.  Some of our Intermediate Ladies might like to learn to lead and if so, please talk to me beforehand.

Intermediate/ Continuing Class 

I am looking at ways to revamp what we do in Intermediate/ Continuing classes. I have several ideas to share with you.  I'd really like your input.
  1. Stay the same – 9:00pm to approx. 10pm.  Lesson structure 32 beats of dance moves (around 5 moves) with one harder move, theme based for each night
  2. Focus on skills development – Start at 9:00pm. 30 minute theme based content – more technical - 3 moves and then 20 minutes of Freestyle.  This increases the freestyle content of the night to around 60 minutes or more.
  3. Run alternate classes - odd week of term as per 1 above; even week as per 2 above
  4. Switch Beginner and Continuing/Intermediate around.  That is start Intermediate at 7:30pm – finish around 8:20 and roll into 40 minutes Freestyle, then Beginners.
Ideas always welcome.

Term Fees - and savings!

The cost of hiring the Belconnen Arts Centre has increased but we are holding our fees at 2014 prices.  There are 11 weeks in Term 1 so a $149 pass is great value for those who plan to attend most weeks.  (You do get a $20 rebate for each new person you introduce who signs up for a term pass!)  I will do casual passes at $20 for those who have pending work, child care or holiday commitments during the term. 

Would you like a West Coast Swing Dance Event in Canberra? 

I have decided to make changes to the Winter Solstice Winery Tour and Dinner Dance for this year.  We normally run this in June.  I’m calling it the Audacity’s All Australian ‘Where’s Wally’ Winter Wonderland weekender.  (I like big titles!)  I want it to appeal to interstate dancers, particularly those from Sydney and Melbourne.  Preparation and lead time are important so I want to kick off in early February.  I therefore need volunteers to make this work.  Roles I foresee are:

  • Organising committee (4 to 5 persons)
  • Communications and Media
  • Costume sourcing
  • Dance floor erection
  • Dance floor pack-up
  • Day Set Up Coordinator
  • Night Duty Manager
  • Registration
  • Sponsorship Coordinator
  • Event trouble shooters
  • Photographer/ Videographer

What other news is there?   

Well there are two NSW based dance events coming up soon. 

  1. The Sydney International Dance Festival at the Mecure at Sydney Airport from 27 February to 1st March.  Dancing till 3am on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  $350 entry and $350 approximately (shared room at the Mercure) plus petrol/ limited parking on site.  3 hours drive.
  2. Dance Escape at Port Stevens (north of Newcastle) 27th to 29th March.  $325 entry and accommodation at Ramada Resort is between $60 a night shared or $127 for your own room.  5 hours drive.  Dancing till early morning and a very welcoming host.  This would be a good venue to visit prior to the onset of the Canberra Winter.

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