Sunday, December 23, 2018

2019 Term 1 - Specials

Between all the social media sites, poor old Blogger has been neglected.  Anyway - here is my news at the start of 2019.

Term 1

starts 22nd January and we will do 12 lessons instead of the usual 10.  Term fees are now $159 per term for 2019.  Casual rate is $22 per visit for experienced WCS dancers.  If you are going on holidays in a term, talk to Mark and he will arrange an appropriate discount.

Workshops with US Pros

At the end of term 1 we have two US Pros in Samantha Buckwalter and Matt Richey coming to Canberra.  It is a low cost weekend away from the 26th April to 28th April.  New dancers will be able to come along to the workshops and go from:

                                  Good ==> Better ==> Best.