Friday, June 7, 2013

Winter Solstice - the Dance druids are in action

Winery Tour - Saturday 22nd June

Canberra Wineries are renowned for their superb cool climate wines.  So - the dance druids from Audacity are having a wine tasting social!  Join us at 10am in West Row Civic to board the Dionnsus Express (well actually it will be a Deane's bus) to Murrumbateman and beyond!  Enjoy a packed picnic lunch, four wineries, afternoon tea all for $99.  This event is truly social - so why not invite your friends?  We return by 5pm in time to go spruce up for our dinner at the Zen Yai restaurant starting at 7pm.

Register by emailing Mark at Bookings close 9pm Friday 14 June.

Why the Winter Solstice theme?

Have you checked the date?  Friday is the shortest day of the year and we need some fun events to perk up the landscape.  And that is why we have arranged for Samantha Buckwalter to come out from the US to rev us all up.  She is giving up a week of her summer to brighten our lives - and that she will. 

Introducing Samantha

Did you know Sam is a champion dancer trained by the WCS master himself, Mario Robau?  She has taught all over the world.  Samantha has many accolades - too many to list here.  Samantha will take our Tuesday night dance class on the 18th, will teach a Leader's Styling workshop on Thursday, a Follows Styling workshop on Friday and thre group workshops on Sunday.  All workshops are $40.

All the Event details

Can be found at

The Dinner Dance

7pm on Saturday night the 22nd June at the Zen Yai Thai restaurant.  Cost is $40 and you must pre-book with Mark!

Dance Parties

Friday night 21 June - after the Follows Styling workshop - a Dance Party from 8pm at Salsabor Dance Studio on East Row in the City. $10 (unless you have a free pass.)

West Coast Swing Events we love and are attending

Audacity Dance hits the CMJ West Coast Swing Championships in Sydney this weekend.   The largest Canberra WCS contingent to attend an interstate event to date - we just keep on growing!! Good luck to all competitors!!  We’ll be cheering!!
Join us at the following events later in the year: Mary Ann Nunez workshops in New Zealand in August; Melbourne Australian West Coast Swing Open in October; New Zealand West Coast Swing Open in October.

New Team Routine

Intermediate students will be performing our ’Goin to Vegas’ routine at Stomp 26.  Teaching commences with a ‘smash it’ session on Sunday 16 June.  More news on that soon!