Sunday, April 21, 2013

April 2013 newsletter

Birthday celebration - Tuesday 23 April 2013

Yes - it's Mr Ritchie’s bird-day.  And to celebrate – the Duxton Inn in O'Connor has put on a Tuesday Two for One Pizza deal because he is special!  Well, actually they do it every week.  But anyway, let's head down to the Duxton for 2 for 1 pizzas before class at 5:45pm and to wish Dave a Happy birthday.  What's more, I expect all you gals and maybe a Lead or two to take him for a spin on the dance floor tomorrow night. :-)


Next West Coast Swing term starts 30th April

You know, word of mouth has the greatest result for any company.  We hope you are our fans and ambassadors and we really, really need you to sell Audacity Dance as well!  It builds a great community and allows us to bring you world class events like the recent Kiwi Konnection workshops at cost prices.  Like I said, all help appreciated.  Email for a special deal for your friends.

Also - our term 1 students will be broken into two classes with those who have their moves perfected given the opportunity to do an 'Essentials' course in a spare room at the club.  see you in Term 2.

Next Dance Party is 3rd May

Our next Friday night dance party is the 3rd May - $10 at the Turner Bowling Club. Join us at 6pm for a meal at the Burmese bistro.  If you turn up after 6:30pm, the meals take much onger to come out and are harder to digest when dancing :-(  Dance starts at 8pm.  Bring a non-dance friend - they can come in at no cost and do a free dance lesson.  Put it in your diaries now!!!

Kiwi Konnection DVD now available

The Kiwi Konnection workshops were a great success.  The price of the quality and professionally assembled DVD is set at $15.  Our next event is our annual Winter Solstice Wine Tour (on or around the Winter Solstice).  I will do a separate post for this event.

Want to go on a WCS Tour ?

We are heading to New Zealand and Melbourne in October.  Come to one event or both.  Pay your own airfares and share accommodation costs.  We know all the right WCS venues and guarantee a great time.  Email mark@audacitydance and ask to be put on my mailing list for itinerary and likely expenses.

Improve your WCS - learn a Dance Routine

A dance routine is THE best way to improve your WCS.  You need to have a regular dance partner and be prepared to practice.  Just ask us if you at class to assess if you are ready to learn a team routine.  We aim to take our 'You and Me' routine to the CMJ West Coast Swing championships and the GDS competion in June and July.

Upcoming interstate dance opportunities