Friday, December 20, 2013

New Year's resolution time - Learn to dance in 2014

Xmas /New Year ‘Learn to Dance’ Gift opportunity - expires 10th January!

Okay dancers - if you want to build the social dance network you need to do your part.  We have placed a below cost, Xmas Learn to Dance special - 11 lessons in term 1 for $119.  You know this is great value when you consider all other term dances in Canberra start at $165.  So sell this great opportunity to your friends, colleagues, lovers, brothers, sisters, cousins and others.  And if you get two people to join, we will reward you with a $20 discount on your next purchase.  Post it on Facebook, email all your contacts.  Go, go go!

November - our charity month - we raised $450 for the Phillipine’s Disaster fund

How good was that?  And a special thankyou to the two teachers who donated their fee to the cause.  You know who you are.  You are angels in my eyes.

Moving to term Passes in 2014 - our new fee structure will save you money

We have decided to move away from 6 class passes to a term structure in 2014.  A full term of 10 lessons is $149.  That compares favourably with the majority of professional dance studios in Canberra that all charge $165 plus per term.  Our casual classes remain at $20.  Anyone who will be away or unable to attend regularly during the term can set up a class pass arrangement with us for the term.  You will need to nominate classes at the beginning of term and pre-pay attendance.  If you have a valid 6 class pass then we will credit remaining classes off the Term Pass.

Next interstate dance opportunity is ‘Best of the Best’ in Sydney

We'll be there along with at least another 8 dancers from Canberra.  Want to know more?  For example, did you know the world's top WCS pros will be there?  Jordan Frisbee and Tatiana Mollman-Bennett.  And you can learn Zouk.  And you can compete if you want.  And you'll have fun!  Talk to Mark and he will tell you what a great event this is and why you should attend.  Register here.

Don’t forget we are heading to the Hunter Valley in March for Swing Escape

Come with us.  We stay at the 5* Cypress Lakes Resort.  The pros are John Lindo (the big mahn) and the delightful, sexy, engaging Jessica Cox.  You will get so much out of this weekend.  We already have 6 of us going, car pooling, sharing villas.  Come with!!!  Check out the schedule and register at this link.

First term of 2014 commences 28th January through to 8th April

The first term is eleven weeks long.  We will have a two week break between terms where we have a social - no formal lesson.  We will develop this model as we go forward in 2014.  (Basically, we will follow school terms to make it easier for teachers, students and families.)

Guest Pros in 2014

We are working through finalising workshops for 2014.  We have at least one US Pro coming in March and we hope to have 4 pros in June.  Stay tuned.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Latest news 30 October 2013

Audacity Christmas Party 7th December

Get ready for Xmas - keep the 7th December (a Saturday) free for our Christmas Party.  Put it in your diary now!  Also - it will double as Mark’s Welcome home party and Birthday Bash for Mark, Larry, and a special person to be announced on the night.  So please come along! Cost is $25 per person pre-booked at class to cover hall hire and catering.  Cost The $25 covers Finger foods and a Chrissy cocktail or two.

Xmas Learn to Dance special

Recently, one of my friends said to me – ‘You know, I’ve been considering learning to dance for 6 years now.’  My response – ‘Well you are 30 now – so I guess you have wasted 20% of your life just thinking about it.”

Every Xmas we offer a ‘Learn to Dance’ Gift opportunity – a discounted term 1 pass for your friends. Start working on them now and check back on the 10th December at our web site for a really good deal.  It will last for precisely 2 weeks!  And if you sell 4 of these passes, you get a 6 week class pass free!

Dance Party this Friday night 1st November

Our next Social night is Friday 1st November at the Southern Cross Club Turner.  Cost is $10 to cover hall hire.  Please make sure you attend.  Meet us for dinner from 6pm at the bistro.

Recent travels

Mark and Karolina went to the New Zealand championships during October.  Mark took out 5th place in the Novice Final and both Mark and Kaz danced in the Pro Am.  Mark’s amateur partner Rita took out 1st place and Karolina’s amateur partner took out 2nd place.

We then flew to Melbourne for the Aussie Open Championship.  We caught up with Russ Turner who has settled into the Melbourne dance and social life.  Mark got to the finals again but alas, no top 5 placing in this over 60 entrant group.

November is Charity Month

We plan to make November our charity month.  All profits will be donated on our student’s behalf to a charity just in time for Christmas. Make sure you come to class!

New Term Passes in 2014

Mark is investigating the feasibility of introducing a term pass at $129 for each 10 – 12 week term.  If you would be interested in such a pass (instead of the 6 week $90 pass) please let us know your thoughts.

West Coast Swing ‘Essentials’ Course a Success

By all accounts, Glenn and Emily’s 4 hours of tuition was a raging success.  Thank you to everyone who attended.  We try our best to give you all the necessary tips and hints to make you the smoothest dancer you can be.

Upcoming Interstate Events

If you want to improve your dancing, there is no better way than attending workshops and big interstate dance parties.  Two outstanding events close to Canberra this year are ‘Best of the Best’ in Sydney and ‘Swing Escape’ in the Hunter Valley.

Best of the Best starts the 31st January and there are 3 days of workshops and social dancing.  You will be totally blown away by the experience and meeting world champions Tatiana Mollman Bennett and Jordan Frisbee.  We are staying at the Novotel in Rooty Hill – a 4.5* hotel right at the venue.  There are at least 8 Canberran’s heading to Best of the Best. Book at  Early bird pricing can be secured for $100 deposit if paid by 31 October.

Swing Escape is in the Hunter Valley at the 5* Cypress Resort Hotel.  The pros attending are John Lindo and Jessica Cox.  Again, at least 6 Canberran’s have already booked.  So car pool with us to the wine capital of Australia that will be converted to the Swing capital for the 28th to 30th March 2014!  Book at

Xmas closedown dates. (Yes we will need a holiday.)

Our last class for the year will be 10th December.  Our first term for 2014 will be 21st January.  We will let you know of any Xmas and New Year dance opportunities as we hear about them.

Bye for now.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Announcing the Xmas Party and November Charity month

Xmas Party – get your tickets in class or email Emily Montesin (

We have booked the Bogong Theatre in the Gorman House Arts Centre for Saturday 7th December.  Dancing from 8pm.  We plan to have fantastic finger foods, Xmas punch, softies and some chrissy drinks from 7pm.  Please join us for a ‘Back to the 80’s Xmas party.  The ticket price of $25 covers hall hire, drinks and nibblies.  Please pre-book with Emily so we can get the amount of food and drinks right for the night.  The Bogong Theatre is around the corner from Sage restaurant.  There is parking in Ainslie Avenue (limited) and in Batman Street.  We will escort all ladies back to their car at the end of the evening.

 Essentials of WCS course this Sunday 13th October @ 1pm

Moving to do the Intermediate level lesson requires a recognisable and definite lead, excellent frame from the Follow, rolling footwork from both parties, recognition of the importance of the Anchor and Stretch principles of WCS.  The moves are based on the side passes, push breaks and whips we learn in Beginners but often use Delayed Rhythms to start the dance and deploy syncopated footwork patterns.  This 4 hour workshop on Sunday covers therse principles and more.  It is $35 pre-booked and $45 at the door.  Come join us for a fun afternoon of learning and laughter.  If you haven’t already pre-booked, please email Emily Montesin ( who together with Glen, Beth, Randall and Shannon will ensure you learn what is needed to be a good lead or follow in an Intermediate level class.  The workshop is held at the Southern Cross Bowling Club in McCaughey St Turner.  It starts at 1pm.

Term 4 underway

Thanks again to all the Intermediate dancers who come along to Beginner’s class.  Your excellent lead and following is essential to our new starters picking up great habits.  We applaud you and thank you. We are at week 2 of the Intro to WCS course and next week will see us consolidate the two types of passes, the Push Break and start mixing up our hand leads and levels.  I recommend that when two Intermediate level dancers meet for part of the lesson, try out the moves being taught but with a syncopation  or footwork variation thrown in to improve your own skills.  Remember – don’t disturb the connection. ;-)

 Start prepping your friends

You know, many people spend months if not years talking about their ‘interest’ in learning to dance.  And the thing is, we have all experienced the same expression, and trepidation in attending. And then once we start, we enjoy it so much.  So, now is the time to start encouraging your friends and talking up the wonder of dance and the excellent social atmosphere that exists.  If you can do this, then I promise to have a Xmas New Year special available for sale only through you that will be a great Xmas present, a significant monetary saving for them and for you.  Time to talk us up!

Next Social night Friday 1st November

Our Friday once a month social is on the Friday 1st November at the Southern Cross Bowling Club in McCaughey St Turner.  All Saints Day becomes All Dance night. J We meet at 6:30pm for a Burmese meal at the club bistro with dancing from 7:30pm.  The $10 cover charge covers Hall Hire and the usual nibblies.  Mark it in your diary now.

November is ‘Charity month’ – please attend to make the donation huge!

We plan to donate all profits from Audacity to charity in November.  We think this is a sacrifice worth making.  You can help by making sure you attend every lesson in November.  Don’t forget that in-between the Beginner’s and Intermediate lesson we leave a good 45 minutes to an hour for social dancing.  What an excellent way to prepare for the Xmas party!

Triple step Trivia a success

We went to Trivia last Thursday at the Southern Cross Club.  It was a great night and we will try it again in a few weeks.  The trivia is free and they allowed us to use the dance hall afterwards between 8:45 and 10pm for free.  What a great and inexpensive night!

Last night’s Intermediate routine

The moves from last nights Intermediate routine.  Starter Step (4) – Throw-out with a syncopation on the Anchor that involved a leg raise and one weight change (6); Big Arm move (based on a Left Side Pass with inside turn – 6); Extended Push Break with angling allowing the Follow to syncopate a Bum Roll (8); a Double Big Arm move (6) and a Whip with Outside Roll into Arm Lock, a Push Break press added on and an interesting walk out to a side pass.

 Wish us luck in NZ and Melbourne

Kaz and I are away at the NZ Open and Australian Open in Melbourne for a week.  Be back soon.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

2013 October Newsletter

Next 10 week Learn West Coast Swing term starts 8th October

Know someone wanting to learn to dance.  We can have them proficient in West Coast Swing by Christmas!  Invite them and we will donate $50 to charity.  That is because we are donating all profits in the month of November to a charity in time for Xmas.  The Intro to WCS course is $149.

Free Trivia and Dance this Thursday 3rd October

Come join us at the Southern Cross Turner Bowling Club this Thursday 3rd October for the club’s free trivia night.  Challenge your egg-head teachers who claim to be better than all the rest!  Be there by 6:45pm for Trivia registration.  The club has great Burmese food selection.  You also get to watch the master of greyhound racing selections work his magic on the Dapto Doggies!  Dance from 8:45pm.  (Trivia finishes at 8:40pm and we will have our DJ equipment there for some free WCS dancing and tuition.  Dancing concludes at 10pm.)

Dance party 4th October - Cancelled du to the long weekend :-(

There is no Friday night dance party on the 4th October due to the second consecutive long weekend.  So you definitely need to attend Trivia Triple Step Thursday to get your West Coast Swing dance fix.  Our next dance party is planned for the 1st November.  Same time, same place.  Happy Labor Day everyone!

Workshop - Sunday 13th October -‘Essentials for West Coast Swing’

This four hour course starts at 1pm at the Southern Cross Club Turner.  The 4 hours of tuition prepares you for our Tuesday Continuing level classes.  $35 prepaid or $40 at the door.  We go through important technique tips and work to instil key learning outcomes into your dance.  It is a fun day - and Em and Glenn are the chief funsters!  Please pre-book with Mark.

West Coast Swing Dance Events

Ever thought about a little WCS holiday?  Mark and Karolina are booked in at the following events coming up in October.  New Zealand West Coast Swing Open October 11 to 13.  Melbourne Australian West Coast Swing Open October 18 - 20.  We meet like minded people and have a blast at these events.  The workshops are key to improving our WCS and to ensuring you get all the latest tips and tricks at our dance classes and workshops in Canberra.

Future Plans

We are also heading to Raw Connecton's Swingtimate on the Gold Coast in December, NuRoc's Best of the Best in January 2014 in Sydney, DanceVibe's Swing Escape in the Hunter Valley in March and Raw Connection's Swingsation in May 2014.  Talk to us and we will assist with low cost accomodation and travel options.

Meg - Get well soon!

Meg - our own little bundle of joy and happiness - always smiling, patient, tolerant and makes you feel great about yourself and life! But our friend Meg's body has given her a hiccup and she is recovering from an operation.  She will be back in November.  We miss you Meg - get well quick.  Everyone in class wishes you well.

Charity time

We plan to make November our charity month.  We like to build our community and make a difference.  Please spread the word and get to class.  All profits for November will be donated on our student’s behalf to a charity just in time for Christmas.  This is where you can make a difference.  Get your friends to join us for our 10 week Introduction to WCS classes.  That in itself will generate a $50 plus donation to charity!

Party time - book the date in your calendar now!

And speaking of Christmas - keep the 7th December (a Saturday) free for our Christmas Party.  Put it in your diary now!  We will provide an inexpensive dinner/ or nibblies, dancing and drinks.  So - keep the date free and pre-pay in class.  Mark is finalising a suitable venue and we will update you in a week or so.

How many of our students use Twitter?

We do have an account. It is @Audacitydance.  We don't use it that often but we can use it more frequently if it helps tell you about newsletters, promotions, class changes, etc.  Let us know.  Email

Friday, June 7, 2013

Winter Solstice - the Dance druids are in action

Winery Tour - Saturday 22nd June

Canberra Wineries are renowned for their superb cool climate wines.  So - the dance druids from Audacity are having a wine tasting social!  Join us at 10am in West Row Civic to board the Dionnsus Express (well actually it will be a Deane's bus) to Murrumbateman and beyond!  Enjoy a packed picnic lunch, four wineries, afternoon tea all for $99.  This event is truly social - so why not invite your friends?  We return by 5pm in time to go spruce up for our dinner at the Zen Yai restaurant starting at 7pm.

Register by emailing Mark at Bookings close 9pm Friday 14 June.

Why the Winter Solstice theme?

Have you checked the date?  Friday is the shortest day of the year and we need some fun events to perk up the landscape.  And that is why we have arranged for Samantha Buckwalter to come out from the US to rev us all up.  She is giving up a week of her summer to brighten our lives - and that she will. 

Introducing Samantha

Did you know Sam is a champion dancer trained by the WCS master himself, Mario Robau?  She has taught all over the world.  Samantha has many accolades - too many to list here.  Samantha will take our Tuesday night dance class on the 18th, will teach a Leader's Styling workshop on Thursday, a Follows Styling workshop on Friday and thre group workshops on Sunday.  All workshops are $40.

All the Event details

Can be found at

The Dinner Dance

7pm on Saturday night the 22nd June at the Zen Yai Thai restaurant.  Cost is $40 and you must pre-book with Mark!

Dance Parties

Friday night 21 June - after the Follows Styling workshop - a Dance Party from 8pm at Salsabor Dance Studio on East Row in the City. $10 (unless you have a free pass.)

West Coast Swing Events we love and are attending

Audacity Dance hits the CMJ West Coast Swing Championships in Sydney this weekend.   The largest Canberra WCS contingent to attend an interstate event to date - we just keep on growing!! Good luck to all competitors!!  We’ll be cheering!!
Join us at the following events later in the year: Mary Ann Nunez workshops in New Zealand in August; Melbourne Australian West Coast Swing Open in October; New Zealand West Coast Swing Open in October.

New Team Routine

Intermediate students will be performing our ’Goin to Vegas’ routine at Stomp 26.  Teaching commences with a ‘smash it’ session on Sunday 16 June.  More news on that soon!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

April 2013 newsletter

Birthday celebration - Tuesday 23 April 2013

Yes - it's Mr Ritchie’s bird-day.  And to celebrate – the Duxton Inn in O'Connor has put on a Tuesday Two for One Pizza deal because he is special!  Well, actually they do it every week.  But anyway, let's head down to the Duxton for 2 for 1 pizzas before class at 5:45pm and to wish Dave a Happy birthday.  What's more, I expect all you gals and maybe a Lead or two to take him for a spin on the dance floor tomorrow night. :-)


Next West Coast Swing term starts 30th April

You know, word of mouth has the greatest result for any company.  We hope you are our fans and ambassadors and we really, really need you to sell Audacity Dance as well!  It builds a great community and allows us to bring you world class events like the recent Kiwi Konnection workshops at cost prices.  Like I said, all help appreciated.  Email for a special deal for your friends.

Also - our term 1 students will be broken into two classes with those who have their moves perfected given the opportunity to do an 'Essentials' course in a spare room at the club.  see you in Term 2.

Next Dance Party is 3rd May

Our next Friday night dance party is the 3rd May - $10 at the Turner Bowling Club. Join us at 6pm for a meal at the Burmese bistro.  If you turn up after 6:30pm, the meals take much onger to come out and are harder to digest when dancing :-(  Dance starts at 8pm.  Bring a non-dance friend - they can come in at no cost and do a free dance lesson.  Put it in your diaries now!!!

Kiwi Konnection DVD now available

The Kiwi Konnection workshops were a great success.  The price of the quality and professionally assembled DVD is set at $15.  Our next event is our annual Winter Solstice Wine Tour (on or around the Winter Solstice).  I will do a separate post for this event.

Want to go on a WCS Tour ?

We are heading to New Zealand and Melbourne in October.  Come to one event or both.  Pay your own airfares and share accommodation costs.  We know all the right WCS venues and guarantee a great time.  Email mark@audacitydance and ask to be put on my mailing list for itinerary and likely expenses.

Improve your WCS - learn a Dance Routine

A dance routine is THE best way to improve your WCS.  You need to have a regular dance partner and be prepared to practice.  Just ask us if you at class to assess if you are ready to learn a team routine.  We aim to take our 'You and Me' routine to the CMJ West Coast Swing championships and the GDS competion in June and July.

Upcoming interstate dance opportunities


Sunday, March 17, 2013

Kiwi Konnection Workshop details

We have workshops and a Dinner Dance planned for the 13th April.  Kiwi WCS champions Ani Fuller and Eric Gray will be our guests and main workshop teachers.  You can attend one or more workshops and/or the Dinner Dance but you need to book through Eventbrite.  The most popular option so far is the Dinner Dance and Two workshop deal at $149 plus Eventbrite fee.
The Saturday night Dinner Dance is at Joey's Kitchen /restaurant at Watson for Tickets are limited to maximise floor space! I will close off the Dinner Dance sales when numbers hit 40. Admission price includes drinks until the kitty runs dry!  Last time it was 11pm :-)
There are four workshops on the Saturday and the content of each workshop is provided below.   The workshops will be held at the Southern Cross Club in Turner. They are incremental by nature suiting Novice Dancers through to Continuing level/ Intermediate students.   Each workshop will be stand-alone. 
11am: Mark and Karolina will run a Transition to Continuing Level workshop starting from 11am to 1pm.  We will concentrate on the techniques and attributes you will need to transition from the Beginner level to Continuing level classes.   This workshop is aimed at our 2013 intake. 
Ani and Eric will be doing three workshops on Saturday afternoon.  I have a two page workshop description you can request at class for a full rundown on the curriculum.  
Starting at 1:30pm - WS1: The Kiwi Konnection - Connecting with Your Partner - the importance of connection, understanding the &a1, how to read your partner, maintaining ebb & flow in your dancing without getting tired, being a responsible lead and a fantastic follow, adding projection into your dance. (This workshop will be suitable for regular Beginner level dancers and up.)
2:45pm WS2: Shapes - more options than you think. Shaping both as individuals and as partners is the theme of this workshop. Level changes, slot changes, body shaping, even hairography! Suitable for Continuing level students.
4:00pm WS3: Centre! Six letters that will change your world! More of a patterns workshop but still working on techniques including stealing momentum from your partner, taking a free ride from your partner's energy, working it in close. Suitable for Continuing level dancers.

Dinner Dance

Pre-dinner drinks at Joey's Kitchen Watson from 7pm. Dinner is served at 7:30pm.

Discount Offers:

Our 5% early bird discount has now expired. However, interstate dancers receive a discount to assist with petrol and accommodation costs. You just need to identify as a non-ACT and environs resident. The code is listed in the ticket description!.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Welcome to Autumn 2013

First Dance Party a roaring success.

Our first dance party for 2013 was a great success!  We had around 15 people join us in the bistro for a great value Burmese meal - and the odd Surf and Turf and Snitzel and gravy. :-)  There were 20 dancers and all I can say is we had a blast.  Your teachers were on the floor - every song - all night long!  No wonder my feet are a little tender this morning.

Kiwi Konnection Excitement

Ani Fuller and Eric Gray have their airline tickets booked for our Kiwi Konnection weekend.  I spoke to Eric on Friday and he told me that he and Ani are super excited. They have 3 workshops planned.  "Workshop 1 is called Connecting with Your Partner.  We will demonstrate the importance of connection, how to read your partner, being a responsible lead and a fantastic follow.  In Workshop 2 we work on eliminating that 'stunned mullet look" Eric told me.  "It might have been goon in a haircut in the 70's but it isn't fashionable when dancing."
The third workshop is called "Centre - six letters that will change your world!"  I love that title and  asked Eric why they chose it.  He told me that identifying where your centre is located is the key to power, smoothness and enhanced musicality.  I am so looking forward to the workshops.  The workshops are for all levels of dancer.  Anyone with at least 3 - 4 months of dance experience in WCS will leave these workshops amazed at what they have learned on the 13th April through Eric and Ani.  Book your tickets here:

Get your discounted tickets before the 9th March

The 5% discount for Canberra patrons to our Dinner Dance and workshops ends on the 9th March. The Dinner Dance and workshops will be held n the 13th April   The discount is our way of saying thank you for your patronage.  Our ticket pricing is kept right to the bone and so we must pass on the Eventbrite ticketing fee of 2% in order to cover costs.  The meal at Joey's Kitchen is superb and the drinks kitty ensures you are kicked off to a great night in the right fashion! 
Eric and Ani are well known in Australia being champions at a number of events.  Here they are in a recent NuRoc Open Level Final.

Discounts for Interstate patrons

Interstate friends of Ani and Eric – we are offering you a range of discounts for the Dinner Dance and workshops.  Discounts range from $9 for a single workshop up to $39 for the Dinner Dance and all workshops.  When you go to the Eventbrite website, you need to enter the relevant Promo code for your discount.  The Promo codes are written into the ticket descriptions.

Earn free dance time with us

Want to earn some cash or get a discount on your next six class pass?  It’s easy.  We have this great offer where any new student you introduce that purchases a $149 Ten Class Intro to WCS package entitles you to a $20 discount per package sold.  Not only that, but if your friends purchase the classes before the 10th March, we will give them a $30 discount and we will absorb the $4.72 ticketting charge!  Total cost before the 10th March is $119.  Details at or email  Students can have this deal for $99.

Want to improve dramatically?

Like to do a private lesson to enhance your dance?  We charge $60 for a private lesson for a couple and $50 for an individual.  We have a special offer where two couples can share the cost of a private lesson for $80.  Talk to us at class for arrangements.

Men’s and Ladies shoe dance sale. 

Men’s shoes reduced from $140 to $60.  Ask at class on Tuesday.  Also - one pair of Ladies shoes size 39 available for $40.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Feb 16th - Exciting News!

Upskill your West Coast with a 2 couple private lesson

Classes continue to have a great edge with all our new patrons doing exceptionally well.  Everyone is enjoying class.   We just wish we could dedicate more than just a song dancing with each of you after class.  Having time with an experienced lead or follow can really upskill your levels very quickly.  With that factor in mind, we want to offer our new and existing students a private lesson format that we know will really help consolidate what you have been learning.  It will also put you in great form for our upcoming Dinner Dance and Workshops with international guests Eric and Ani on the 12th April.  (More on that news later!)

Our offer - pick a time on Saturday the 2nd March between 11am and 5pm.  We will offer a two couple private lesson for an hour.  Two teachers will work and drill you in the concepts and techniques of West Coast Swing for $20 per person.  You will be amazed at how much you can learn when the teachers can spend one on one time with you as a lead, follow or couple. 

Monthly Dance Party on Friday 1st March 2013

We have booked the Southern Cross Turner Bowling Club from 7:30pm - 11pm on Friday 1st March.  Cost is $10 and includes some nibblies and we might teach you a smick move or two.  Why not get there around 7pm and have a meal from the great Burmese restaurant at the club.  Good food, great value (most meals under $15) and an entertaining night out. 

New Zealand West Coast Swing stars coming to Canberra

We are really excited that our friends Eric Grey and Ani Fuller are coming to Canberra.  They will run workshops on the 13th April during the day and we will have a Dinner Dance that night.  I will be creating a web site soon with all the booking details.  I am still working on the finer details but I expect two workshops and a Dinner Dance to be between $140 and $150 - including a few drinkies :-).  The Dinner Dance on its own will be around $75 and single workshops around $40.

Our next term of 10 week lessons starts 29th April 2013

We would like your help promoting our next Intro to WCS course starting just after the school holidays.  We'd like your input on keeping classes fresh and fun.  We would also like to offer you $30 cashback for every new starter to WCS that signs up thanks to your efforts.  Talk to us at class and we will sign you up as a WCS Ambassador!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Welcome to our first term 2013

A warm welcome to our 2013 Semester 1 class.  Thanks for choosing Audacity Dance as your partner in learning West Coast Swing.  We aim to provide you with fun classes and a most enjoyable Tuesday evening.  Once a month we have socials on a Friday night at the Turner Southern Cross Bowling Club.  There is a great Burmese restaurant there and the chance to enjoy a beverage or two together.  So book the 1st March in your diary.  The week before that date we will consolidate our first four weeks of lessons with a fun revision class.  You will be surprised how much you have learnt over four or five weeks!

I highly recommend that you consider writing a few notes each week about what we cover in class.  You might also like to arrive 15 minutes before class and get in some warm up practice.
In this post, I plan to summarise some of the things we have covered over the first two weeks:

Handhold: we aim to make our Follows comfortable, around hip height or handshake height is what the Leader aims for.

Options: so far we have covered the Normal Handhold and the Handshake handhold when leading the dance

Lead: the Leader moves the Follow two steps forward every time – it is one of the few ‘rules’ of the dance

The Slot: Follows define the slot.  They own it and it is up to the Lead to get out of the way in a Left Side Pass or a Right Side Pass.  If the lead doesn’t get out of the way, it is a blocking move.  We call that move a Push.  We will teach you two Push variations next week.

Footwork patterns: We have been concentrating on the 6 beat pattens to date.  We call out – ‘Walk, Walk, Tri_ple_Step, Tri_ple_Step’.  The Lead walks BL (back left), BR (back right), LRL, RLR which is 8 steps in 6 peats.  Follows walk FR (forward right), FL, RLR, LRL.

Our dance is a conversation: The lead is offered and the follow accepts the lead.  The conversation is the interplay between partners and the music.  The top instructors refer to dancers as being the human instrument in the song.

International Guests, Dinner Dance and Workshops

We have other exciting news.  I have been negotiating with two international WCS champions to come to Canberra in April.  We are close to finalising the deal and if it comes off, they will teach workshops and we will have a dinner dance on the weekend of the 12th April.  More on this soon.