Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Term One registration raffle

Term One registration

Welcome to term One at Audacity.  12 dance lessons for $159 and a discount for new starters.  The link below allows you to register on-line and will create an invoice with direct debit details for you to deposit your term fee.  Come and join us for a fun 2019!

Term One Registration Raffle

One lucky registrant will go into a draw to have a private lesson with Sam Buckwalter and Matt Richey when they are here in April.  So - don't miss out - register and pay before the 21st January to be in the draw.


Synergy on the Central Coast

Our good friends Adrian Doczy and Leanne Landels are hosting workshops with the hugely overqualified Kat Branson and Mr. Smooth Dancer Nathan Toussaint on the 19th January.  Mark is planning on being there to build on his skill set.  Going to workshops and learning from the best is how to really improve your dancing.

You can register here if you plan to attend.


Dance Parties in 2019

Emily has run the social club pretty much on her own for the last couple of years.  Is there a Lead and a Follow dancer willing to assist with organising dance parties and other social occasions in 2019?  Please send Em a Facebook message.