Friday, December 20, 2013

New Year's resolution time - Learn to dance in 2014

Xmas /New Year ‘Learn to Dance’ Gift opportunity - expires 10th January!

Okay dancers - if you want to build the social dance network you need to do your part.  We have placed a below cost, Xmas Learn to Dance special - 11 lessons in term 1 for $119.  You know this is great value when you consider all other term dances in Canberra start at $165.  So sell this great opportunity to your friends, colleagues, lovers, brothers, sisters, cousins and others.  And if you get two people to join, we will reward you with a $20 discount on your next purchase.  Post it on Facebook, email all your contacts.  Go, go go!

November - our charity month - we raised $450 for the Phillipine’s Disaster fund

How good was that?  And a special thankyou to the two teachers who donated their fee to the cause.  You know who you are.  You are angels in my eyes.

Moving to term Passes in 2014 - our new fee structure will save you money

We have decided to move away from 6 class passes to a term structure in 2014.  A full term of 10 lessons is $149.  That compares favourably with the majority of professional dance studios in Canberra that all charge $165 plus per term.  Our casual classes remain at $20.  Anyone who will be away or unable to attend regularly during the term can set up a class pass arrangement with us for the term.  You will need to nominate classes at the beginning of term and pre-pay attendance.  If you have a valid 6 class pass then we will credit remaining classes off the Term Pass.

Next interstate dance opportunity is ‘Best of the Best’ in Sydney

We'll be there along with at least another 8 dancers from Canberra.  Want to know more?  For example, did you know the world's top WCS pros will be there?  Jordan Frisbee and Tatiana Mollman-Bennett.  And you can learn Zouk.  And you can compete if you want.  And you'll have fun!  Talk to Mark and he will tell you what a great event this is and why you should attend.  Register here.

Don’t forget we are heading to the Hunter Valley in March for Swing Escape

Come with us.  We stay at the 5* Cypress Lakes Resort.  The pros are John Lindo (the big mahn) and the delightful, sexy, engaging Jessica Cox.  You will get so much out of this weekend.  We already have 6 of us going, car pooling, sharing villas.  Come with!!!  Check out the schedule and register at this link.

First term of 2014 commences 28th January through to 8th April

The first term is eleven weeks long.  We will have a two week break between terms where we have a social - no formal lesson.  We will develop this model as we go forward in 2014.  (Basically, we will follow school terms to make it easier for teachers, students and families.)

Guest Pros in 2014

We are working through finalising workshops for 2014.  We have at least one US Pro coming in March and we hope to have 4 pros in June.  Stay tuned.