Friday, March 1, 2013

Welcome to Autumn 2013

First Dance Party a roaring success.

Our first dance party for 2013 was a great success!  We had around 15 people join us in the bistro for a great value Burmese meal - and the odd Surf and Turf and Snitzel and gravy. :-)  There were 20 dancers and all I can say is we had a blast.  Your teachers were on the floor - every song - all night long!  No wonder my feet are a little tender this morning.

Kiwi Konnection Excitement

Ani Fuller and Eric Gray have their airline tickets booked for our Kiwi Konnection weekend.  I spoke to Eric on Friday and he told me that he and Ani are super excited. They have 3 workshops planned.  "Workshop 1 is called Connecting with Your Partner.  We will demonstrate the importance of connection, how to read your partner, being a responsible lead and a fantastic follow.  In Workshop 2 we work on eliminating that 'stunned mullet look" Eric told me.  "It might have been goon in a haircut in the 70's but it isn't fashionable when dancing."
The third workshop is called "Centre - six letters that will change your world!"  I love that title and  asked Eric why they chose it.  He told me that identifying where your centre is located is the key to power, smoothness and enhanced musicality.  I am so looking forward to the workshops.  The workshops are for all levels of dancer.  Anyone with at least 3 - 4 months of dance experience in WCS will leave these workshops amazed at what they have learned on the 13th April through Eric and Ani.  Book your tickets here:

Get your discounted tickets before the 9th March

The 5% discount for Canberra patrons to our Dinner Dance and workshops ends on the 9th March. The Dinner Dance and workshops will be held n the 13th April   The discount is our way of saying thank you for your patronage.  Our ticket pricing is kept right to the bone and so we must pass on the Eventbrite ticketing fee of 2% in order to cover costs.  The meal at Joey's Kitchen is superb and the drinks kitty ensures you are kicked off to a great night in the right fashion! 
Eric and Ani are well known in Australia being champions at a number of events.  Here they are in a recent NuRoc Open Level Final.

Discounts for Interstate patrons

Interstate friends of Ani and Eric – we are offering you a range of discounts for the Dinner Dance and workshops.  Discounts range from $9 for a single workshop up to $39 for the Dinner Dance and all workshops.  When you go to the Eventbrite website, you need to enter the relevant Promo code for your discount.  The Promo codes are written into the ticket descriptions.

Earn free dance time with us

Want to earn some cash or get a discount on your next six class pass?  It’s easy.  We have this great offer where any new student you introduce that purchases a $149 Ten Class Intro to WCS package entitles you to a $20 discount per package sold.  Not only that, but if your friends purchase the classes before the 10th March, we will give them a $30 discount and we will absorb the $4.72 ticketting charge!  Total cost before the 10th March is $119.  Details at or email  Students can have this deal for $99.

Want to improve dramatically?

Like to do a private lesson to enhance your dance?  We charge $60 for a private lesson for a couple and $50 for an individual.  We have a special offer where two couples can share the cost of a private lesson for $80.  Talk to us at class for arrangements.

Men’s and Ladies shoe dance sale. 

Men’s shoes reduced from $140 to $60.  Ask at class on Tuesday.  Also - one pair of Ladies shoes size 39 available for $40.