Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Announcing the Xmas Party and November Charity month

Xmas Party – get your tickets in class or email Emily Montesin (monty2002monty@hotmail.com)

We have booked the Bogong Theatre in the Gorman House Arts Centre for Saturday 7th December.  Dancing from 8pm.  We plan to have fantastic finger foods, Xmas punch, softies and some chrissy drinks from 7pm.  Please join us for a ‘Back to the 80’s Xmas party.  The ticket price of $25 covers hall hire, drinks and nibblies.  Please pre-book with Emily so we can get the amount of food and drinks right for the night.  The Bogong Theatre is around the corner from Sage restaurant.  There is parking in Ainslie Avenue (limited) and in Batman Street.  We will escort all ladies back to their car at the end of the evening.

 Essentials of WCS course this Sunday 13th October @ 1pm

Moving to do the Intermediate level lesson requires a recognisable and definite lead, excellent frame from the Follow, rolling footwork from both parties, recognition of the importance of the Anchor and Stretch principles of WCS.  The moves are based on the side passes, push breaks and whips we learn in Beginners but often use Delayed Rhythms to start the dance and deploy syncopated footwork patterns.  This 4 hour workshop on Sunday covers therse principles and more.  It is $35 pre-booked and $45 at the door.  Come join us for a fun afternoon of learning and laughter.  If you haven’t already pre-booked, please email Emily Montesin (monty2002monty@hotmail.com) who together with Glen, Beth, Randall and Shannon will ensure you learn what is needed to be a good lead or follow in an Intermediate level class.  The workshop is held at the Southern Cross Bowling Club in McCaughey St Turner.  It starts at 1pm.

Term 4 underway

Thanks again to all the Intermediate dancers who come along to Beginner’s class.  Your excellent lead and following is essential to our new starters picking up great habits.  We applaud you and thank you. We are at week 2 of the Intro to WCS course and next week will see us consolidate the two types of passes, the Push Break and start mixing up our hand leads and levels.  I recommend that when two Intermediate level dancers meet for part of the lesson, try out the moves being taught but with a syncopation  or footwork variation thrown in to improve your own skills.  Remember – don’t disturb the connection. ;-)

 Start prepping your friends

You know, many people spend months if not years talking about their ‘interest’ in learning to dance.  And the thing is, we have all experienced the same expression, and trepidation in attending. And then once we start, we enjoy it so much.  So, now is the time to start encouraging your friends and talking up the wonder of dance and the excellent social atmosphere that exists.  If you can do this, then I promise to have a Xmas New Year special available for sale only through you that will be a great Xmas present, a significant monetary saving for them and for you.  Time to talk us up!

Next Social night Friday 1st November

Our Friday once a month social is on the Friday 1st November at the Southern Cross Bowling Club in McCaughey St Turner.  All Saints Day becomes All Dance night. J We meet at 6:30pm for a Burmese meal at the club bistro with dancing from 7:30pm.  The $10 cover charge covers Hall Hire and the usual nibblies.  Mark it in your diary now.

November is ‘Charity month’ – please attend to make the donation huge!

We plan to donate all profits from Audacity to charity in November.  We think this is a sacrifice worth making.  You can help by making sure you attend every lesson in November.  Don’t forget that in-between the Beginner’s and Intermediate lesson we leave a good 45 minutes to an hour for social dancing.  What an excellent way to prepare for the Xmas party!

Triple step Trivia a success

We went to Trivia last Thursday at the Southern Cross Club.  It was a great night and we will try it again in a few weeks.  The trivia is free and they allowed us to use the dance hall afterwards between 8:45 and 10pm for free.  What a great and inexpensive night!

Last night’s Intermediate routine

The moves from last nights Intermediate routine.  Starter Step (4) – Throw-out with a syncopation on the Anchor that involved a leg raise and one weight change (6); Big Arm move (based on a Left Side Pass with inside turn – 6); Extended Push Break with angling allowing the Follow to syncopate a Bum Roll (8); a Double Big Arm move (6) and a Whip with Outside Roll into Arm Lock, a Push Break press added on and an interesting walk out to a side pass.

 Wish us luck in NZ and Melbourne

Kaz and I are away at the NZ Open and Australian Open in Melbourne for a week.  Be back soon.