Saturday, February 11, 2012

Consolidate your Basics and Dance Party

In preparation for the Allan and Holly Workshops, we have booked the Turner Bowling Club from 3pm to 5pm on Sunday 19th February.  We will drill you on the basic moves between 3pm and 4pm - Whips, Tucks, Passes and Push Breaks.  You need these moves to be at the workshop!

Get these moves right and you can dance WCS with anyone!

We will follow the "drill session" with general dancing for an hour (or until you are all tired)!  :-)

This session is suitable for anyone who has done 4 to 5 weeks of classes and who would like to do either the Holly and Allan workshops or just attend the Saturday 25/2/12 dinner dance ($65) or dance party ($15) at the Kurrajong Hotel.

Cost - $10 at the door covers hall hire and 1 hour lesson and drills and 1 hour dance party.