Thursday, March 8, 2012

March 2012 News

Interview with Jordan Frisbee
I have provided a link to an interview with world champion - Jordan Frisbee discussing “What is West Coast Swing”.  I think anyone new to the dance will be interested in Jordan's perspective.  he is one of our favourite professional dancers.  Frisbee Interview

Next Beginner Courses
Our next Intro to WCS course starts 20th March 2012 in Turner and 29th March in Tuggeranong!  We will be switching to the latest teaching techniques used by US champions Kyle Redd and Sarah Van Drake.  This technique emphasises the pattern based nature of WCS.  The curriculum emphasises the two basic rhythm patterns and six essential techniques for WCS over 8 weeks.  Students who grasp the essentials can then move up to our continuing level class.

Introduce a friend and get a free class!  Also - it is in your interests to attend both the Beginner and Continuing classes.  You get to go over the essentials of WCS and concentrate on your technique.  You meet new students and your encouragement and smiling face helps them overcome their trepidation of learning something foreign - and we greatly appreciate it!

Progression to Continuing Level Workshop - 25/3 @ 2pm
Speaking of Continuing level class - we will run a Progression to Continuing Level workshop on 25th March between 2pm and 4pm at the Southern Cross Bowling Club in Turner.  The cost is $40 and this includes entry to the Afternoon Tea Dance, a glass of champers and tea, coffee and cake!  We will review the Beginner level moves, show you the essential differences that allow you to become a "Continuing" level student, give you confidence to attend the Continuing level classes, introduce you the simple ways we get beyond WCS Basic moves.  Celebrate with a free champers afterwards!  This is guaranteed to be fun with a capital F!

We haven't made this workshop compulsory for New Starters - but you would be mad to miss it!

Sunday Arvo Tea Dance - 25/3 @ 4pm
On the very same day, straight after the workshop, we will have a WCS Sunday afternoon tea dance starting at 4pm with cakes, tea and coffee supplied.  It will be free for Workshop attendees and $10 for everyone else.  All the profit from the workshop will be returned to students via the great Audacity Canberra Winery Tour - see below.

Canberra Region Winery Tour and Dinner Dance - 23 June
The Audacity Dinner Dance with Allan and Holly Skinner was a great success and we want to follow this up with something equally audacious.  We are negotiating with two top Australian WCS champions to come to Canberra in June.  We plan to take our students on a Canberra Region Winery Tour and Dinner Dance.  In order to keep costs down, we plan to throw all the proceeds from the next three Sunday Afternoon Tea dances into a pot to reduce the overall cost to you! 

So - keep the 23rd of June free and attend the Afternoon Tea Dance on 25th March.  You will be benefitting yourself and your fellow students and getting in plenty of practice.

Attend all classes in April and win a free place on the Winery Tour!
If you attend every class in April (at either Turner or Tuggeranong), we will put you in the draw for a free ticket to the Winery Tour and Dinner Dance.  Value in excess of $100.

Half price class offer - only during April
Want some extra dance practice during April?  Use your class pass or pay for a Tuesday class at Turner, and get into the Tuggeranong class two days later for half price.  Pay for a Thursday class and get into the following Tuesday class at Turner for half price. 

Routine to Big Big Bang
We are now perfecting our new Beginner routine to the song - The Big Big Bang by the Rock Mafia.  We aim to demonstrate this at class by early April.  There is a link on the audacity web site to the song on YouTube - song starts about 56” into video.Link to Big Big Bang

Learning from the Pros
Audacity Dance will be represented at Seattle Easter Swing! Go team!  A few of us are also heading down to Sydney to attend Terry’s WCS Downunder Tour!