Thursday, April 26, 2012

Anzac Day News

Learn to Dance in a Day course - CANCELLED. 

Yes - sorry folks.  But Mark forgot he has to attend a christening! in Sydney on Sunday.  We willtry and reconvene in a few weeks.  If you have been affected, please dropm Mark a line at

Dance Week Demo

We will be demonstrating WCS at the Belconnen Fresh Food Markets this Saturday, 28/4 at 12:30pm.  Why not come along and support us, hand out a few pamphletts and generally encourage people to learn to dance.  Tell your friends to come along and see what the fuss is!

Audacity Dance to be represented at Swing Diego!

Yesiree.  We will have another overseas trip for Marko.  Good luck fella.

New class on Mondays at Salsabor

The lovely Raquel and Andrea at Salsabor have allowed us to run a Monday night, 12 week Learn to Dance WCS program at their studios on East Row in Civic starting at 7:10pm on the 29th April.  Get there at or before 7 to register for the 12 week program.