Sunday, April 15, 2012

Milestones, Birthdays, Events and Winter classes

First Canberran to reach Intermediate Level in WCS

Someone had to have the honour of being the first in Canberra to qualify at the Intermediate level of WCS as per the World Swing Dance Council - and I am very proud to blab that it is my wife, dance partner and love of my life Karolina.  Her 3rd at the Seattle Easter Swing Jack and Jill championships rocketed her well past the qualifying point for Intermediate.  This is a testimony to her desire to learn from every workshop, professional and event we have attended over the last two years and to her desire to be the best she can be.

Birthday Bash and Dance party Saturday 21st April

So - who’s having a birthday bash and dance party on Saturday 21 April 2012?  None other than the inimitable and highly regarded Mr. Dave Ritchie!  It is a significant milestone folks - well worth the celebration.  Dave has invited all the Audacity crew to a dinner dance at the Southern Cross Yacht Club.  Dave only wants your presence - no presents by royal decree!  Cost is $36 per head for entree and main course.  Please email if you would like to celebrate with this marvellously generous human being.

This is an Audacity Dance sanctioned WCS dance event :-)

Speaking of Dinner Parties . . .

Are you going on the Winter Solstice Winery Tour and Dinner Dance?  It is on the 23rd of June and we need indicative numbers for four options:

Will you be attending workshops on the Saturday (pre-winery tour)
Will you go on the winery tour and stay for the Dinner Dance?
Will you attend the Dinner Dance?
Will you attend WCS workshops on the Sunday with Nathan and Deanna?

Please go to and vote.

Whilst you are there voting . . .

We would like your opinion as to whether we should bring the Beginner/Intro to WCS classes forward to 6:15pm over Winter?  Intermediate would start around 7:30pm to 8:30pm with an hour or so of social dancing afterwards.

Please go to to vote.

Thanks everyone.  Hope to see you all at dancing very soon!